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  • Category Illustration
  • Client Situsehat
  • Start Date 2 February 2018
  • Handover 10 November 2022
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Illustration for Situsehat,
a side project from Indohun,
The Indonesia One Health University Network

In my carrer in design industry, this project is my first long term remote work. And fortunately, the work time is flexible, as long i can deliver it on time. I create brand guidelines, including make characters, color style and typography.

  • + Illustration Design
  • + Graphic Design
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Visual and typograpy hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the principle of arranging elements to show their order of importance. Designers structure visual characteristics—e.g., menu icons—so users can understand information easily. By laying out elements logically and strategically, designers influence users’ perceptions and guide them to desired actions. Users notice larger elements more easily can convert.

Font Style
  • regular This is text message
  • Medium Medium typography
  • SemiBold Just Amazing
  • Blod Awesome
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